Who was Dieter Dorn?

Dieter DornThe Dorn Method humbly originates from a small Bavarian town, where it was crafted by sawmill owner Dieter Dorn (1938-2011). Seeking escape from his own sciatic pain, the result of a lifting injury, Dorn found great relief in the simple techniques of a local farmer. Utilising and perfecting the techniques taught by this talented healer, Dorn then found his first patient in his wife who had suffered severe debilitating headaches for several years. After finally being freed from this constant pain, simply through the realignment of her vertebrae, his wife became the Dorn Method’s most passionate proponent.

As he began to treat other patients – always free of charge – Dorn observed that the technique was addressing the meridian pathways along the spine, making his treatments cause healing ripples throughout the body as a whole. Dorn noted that problems often disappeared when misaligned vertebrae were corrected, due to the inherent connections between the spinal cord and inner organs.

After such amazing success, Dorn decided that it was time to teach others his method so that more and more people could be relieved of myriad painful conditions and imbalances.

Today, the Dorn Method is widely practiced and respected across its native Germany and many other countries.
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