Ayurvedic Winter Wisdom

Ayurvedic oil

“Winter is Kapha season.  It is a time of rest, of growth, of regeneration.  Kapha gets a bit of a bad rap in Western society because it’s perceived as the heavy, lazy dosha.  In India, where Ayurveda originated, it’s the most revered. 

I want to take some time to share the positives of Kapha. Made up of the earth and water elements, it is a little heavier than Pitta, and much weightier than Vata – and with that comes steadiness, groundedness, loyalty and trust.  

Kapha types are deeply connected to the heart. They have the greatest capacity for love and compassion, and will forgive more readily (not because of forgetfulness, like Vata!) but because of this compassion…… Read more…” – Laura Hancock

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