Healthy Oxford Coronavirus Update

IMG_3150It is with such a heavy heart that the practitioners of Healthy Oxford announce the temporary closure of our nurturing little haven in Jericho.  Yesterday we gathered the plants, double-checked the switches were off, and bid a heartfelt farewell to a space that has offered and held such care and nourishment for so many years.  As much as we can all feel the need for support and ongoing care at such a challenging time for all in our communities and across the world, it’s absolutely clear and right that we retreat and adhere to the call for social distancing and self-isolation.

Whilst our physical presence won’t be felt so strongly during this time, we are all looking at ways to modify and adapt our practices so that we can still be accessible and continue to support and offer care to the community where possible.

Please do click on each practitioner below to learn more about what we have to offer and how to contact us.

Josh is well practiced in on-line therapy and will be continuing to offer his Somatic Experiencing support via Zoom and Skpe.

Ally will be continuing to welcome clients and share her intuitive, and creative therapies via Skype.

Bryony who has just joined Healthy Oxford with such energy and enthusiasm will be sharing her offerings of Creative Kinesiology via Zoom.

Amanda will be continuing coaching with her on-line clients as per normal, and is in the process of transitioning her face-to-face clients to on-line this week.

Laura will no longer be offering Ayurvedic Massage, but is in the process of developing on-line yoga classes, yoga nidra recordings and check-ins.

We will be continuously reassessing the situation and regularly updating this page with any changes, amendments, offerings.  We are all thinking of you and sending warmth and love through this challenging time.

Much love,

Laura, Josh, Amanda, Ally and Bryony of the Healthy Oxford Team

Healthy Oxford Update: Philippa Rayney continuing until the New Year

Massage in Jericho, OxfordDue to such a successful Summer at Healthy Oxford, Philippa Rayney, visiting practitioner, will be continuing to offer her profound and healing treatments until the New Year.

Here’s a glowing testimonial from one of her very happy clients: “Philippa provided really excellent care and treatment, together with a brilliant follow-up, including personal advice and information.  She is very professional, helpful. friendly and easy to talk to, and clearly an expert with a wealth of knowledge.  I would definitely recommend her.  This is the best treatment I have ever received from any practitioner.”

If you’d like to book a treatment or learn more then please contact Philippa by emailing: maiden.mother.elder@gmail.com

Enjoy 🙂

Healthy Oxford Searching for New Practitioners :)

FullSizeRender (8)Healthy Oxford is a beautiful, quaint, healing space situated in the quiet streets of Jericho.  We’re a community of highly skilled alternative health practitioners offering a variety of treatments from somatic experiencing and craniosacral therapy to Ayurvedic Massage and coaching.  The aims and ethos of our team is to offer high-quality therapies to the local community and to provide a space that is affordable and nurturing to the therapists that work there.  We’re currently a team of five, most of which have been working at Healthy Oxford for a number of years.

We are all self-employed and work independently, but practices and therapies are advertised on our website, facebook page and posters.

The room is rented out in three-hour slots and we currently have availability on Wednesday evenings, Thursday mornings and Saturdays.  Rental rates are set at a very reasonable level, including a two-week holiday to support practitioners in establishing their practices in a notoriously expensive city.

If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in joining the team, then please send an up-to-date CV to laura@ayurvedacorner.co.uk and we can arrange a viewing and meeting from there 🙂  Talking therapies, energy and body workers welcome!  

We look forward to hearing from you!

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