The Common Ground of the Heart – restorative Autumnal retreat with Ally Stott

heart retreat

To know myself beloved, to call myself beloved on this earth – Scilla Elworthy

Saturday 28th October 10.00 am – 5.00pm

Our humanity joins us together.  We breathe the same air, are nourished by the same earth, are warmed by the same sun and share the common ground of the heart in this matter of being human. This restorative meditation retreat offers an engaged, contemplative space to explore this matter of being human in our uniqueness and our commonality, as part of this great body of earth.

To really meet ourselves as we are requires curiosity, kindness and some discipline.  Through meditation we are not trying to change who we are, we’re entering the garden of ourselves, so that we can know who we are.  From this ground of being we then engage in the world with greater wisdom, clarity and compassion.

Ally Stott is a Craniosacral Therapist & Transpersonal Psychotherapist. For many years she has accompanied people as they have journeyed and inquired into this matter of being human.  She co-correlates Discovering Unity courses in Oxford, and can often be found on her allotment. www.allystott.co.uk.

The cost of the retreat is £55. To make a booking contact- Allysoilandsoul@gmail.com.
Our explorations will happen both inside the hall and outside in our broader nature.


Silvie’s back at Healthy Oxford :)

silvieSilvie is now back in UK offering four treatment modalities: Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Zen Shiatsu, Reiki and Intuitive Healing.

Silvie is an intuitive healer who specialises in helping people to:

  • Relax deeply and let go of tension or stress;
  • Release old physical and/or emotional ‘holding patterns’ from their system;
  • Rebalance their flow of vital energy (a pre-requisite for good health);
  • Gain valuable insights to help them understand themselves better and utilise their own inner resources for healing;
  • Connect with the inner peace and stillness that is always available underneath the ‘mind chatter’;
  • Gain more energy, vitality and a greater sense of wellbeing.

How Silvie works: Silvie’s style is gentle, sensitive and intuitive. Her deep sensitivity enables her to ‘tune into’ the client’s body and energy field, to see blockages on a physical, emotional or energetic level, and clarify where healing and rebalancing is needed. All the treatments help to stimulate / work alongside the body’s own natural healing processes, and support the client with whatever they are ready to release physically, emotionally and/or energetically. Silvie herself is not the ‘healer’, rather she supports the client and their body to connect with their own healing ability.

Who can benefit from treatments?: People come to see Silvie with a variety of conditions, including back / neck / shoulder pain, headaches / migraines, digestive disorders, unresolved emotional issues, hormonal issues, chronic fatigue, stress-related symptoms, TMJ (jaw) issues, injury, whiplash and for general wellbeing.

Please see Silvie’s page or the indvidual treatment listings for more information. For bookings or enquiries, please contact Silvie on silviehp@email.com or 07584 621085.

Discovering Unity Course with Ally Stott

Healthy Oxford’s Ally Stott is running a seven week course into self-enquiry and the relationship with the self and the world.  Please see below for all the information about the course and contact details to book a place.  What a wonderful opportunity.


Dear Friends

We have just traversed the threshold of Imbolc, the mid point in the wheel of the year between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  In Chinese medicine we have just entered the season of Winter-spring.  Not only are we at a point of transition, we are transition, can you feel this in your body as you read this message?  Your cells breathe – receiving and releasing, the warmth of winter fire softens a cold body, stepping out under
crescent moon and diamond sky expands our sense of who we are, or reminds us that we too are specks of light incarnate as these glorious human bodies.

Our ancestors have sat in circle together around the fire for as long as there have been humans; listening, sharing, opening to the mystery that we are.  In many ways these are not easy times to be alive.  Fear, confusion and ignorance fill the media, our cities and streets. And in many ways these are incredible times to be alive. So many movements of simple love, kindness and creativity are sprouting in every direction.  These are demanding, rigorous times, we are being called, from every direction, to know ourselves.  To meet the fullness of our experience and to really know ourselves.

So if you are hearing this call in the song of your heart, perhaps you would like to join us for the next 7 week Discovering Unity course in Oxford starting in April.
With love

Ally Stott’s Upcoming Retreats: Wild Mindfulness Retreat

Healthy Oxford’s Ally Stott is involved in two retreats this Summer!

2nd – 3rd July: a therapeutic weekend retreat for women after cancer treatment.  Held in a meditation centre nestled in the beautiful landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, Ally Stott and Dr Helen Palmer will be exploring pathways to healing and renewal.

Cost is £90 – £140 on a sliding scale depending on income, and booking is essential.  Please contact Helen Palmer – hppsychology@gmail.com to reserve a place.

Ally Retreat 1

Moon Sequence Workshop – June 4th


June Flyer 2016The moon sequence (Chandra Krama) is a beautiful, restorative yoga practice that allows the student to really connect with the body and encourages a subtle awareness through movement and breath.  A deeply grounding and relaxing experience.  Laura will be teaching a workshop on the 4th June (2 – 6 pm) at St Alban’s Church Hall, on Charles Street, East Oxford.  There are about 4 spaces left – so please contact her directly if you want to book a space: laura@ayurvedacorner.co.uk

Ayurvedic Winter Wisdom

Ayurvedic oil

“Winter is Kapha season.  It is a time of rest, of growth, of regeneration.  Kapha gets a bit of a bad rap in Western society because it’s perceived as the heavy, lazy dosha.  In India, where Ayurveda originated, it’s the most revered. 

I want to take some time to share the positives of Kapha. Made up of the earth and water elements, it is a little heavier than Pitta, and much weightier than Vata – and with that comes steadiness, groundedness, loyalty and trust.  

Kapha types are deeply connected to the heart. They have the greatest capacity for love and compassion, and will forgive more readily (not because of forgetfulness, like Vata!) but because of this compassion…… Read more…” – Laura Hancock

Welcome back to Silvie!

SilvieWe’re delighted to welcome Silvie back after her time practicing in Thailand over the past 7 months.

Sylvie is a highly experienced therapist offering:

Craniosacral Therapy
Intuitive Healing
Shiatsu Massage (using Japanese acupressure points)

Silvie also offers Ecstatic Awakening Dance for the purpose of self-healing. These classes help people to connect more with their bodies and the present moment; quieten their minds; release tension, stress and stuck emotional energy; and reconnect with their core state of peace, joy and oneness!

For more information, please see www.cranio-sacral-oxford.com.