Aromatherapy Massage

Also known as the sensual science, aromatherapy combines the powers of touch with the sense of smell. Massage using essential oils is a therapeutic treatment for both mind and body, which works mainly on the nervous system, it is both holistic and practical in that it helps to protect the body’s life-saving Immune system and can energise or stabilise emotions. Aromatherapy can effectively relax mind and body through smooth and gentle strokes, or stimulate through deeper strokes to improve circulation of blood and lymph. Absorbed through the skin and inhaled through the olfactory system, essential oils are antimicrobial agents and can be useful in treating specific opportunistic infections.

How can Aromatherapy help?
A full clinical history will be taken and oils used which have been carefully selected for their therapeutic action. These may be oestrogenic oils for female reproductive balancing, antifungal oils for Athletes foot, thrush or other fungal infections, anti-spasmodic oils for tight aching muscles, and Immune boosting oils etc.

What can Aromatherapy help with?
Most notably aromatherapy can help with stress related illness and disturbed sleep patterns. However, oils can be used in many ways too numerous to mention and are particularly helpful in supporting the system and helping the body to heal through illness.

“When I feel completely stressed out and exhausted, Susan with her professional skills and expertise puts me back on the right road, her aromatherapy massage makes me feel as good as new, believe me!”
– Georgie B.

Contact: Susan Scott