Moon Sequence Workshop – June 4th


June Flyer 2016The moon sequence (Chandra Krama) is a beautiful, restorative yoga practice that allows the student to really connect with the body and encourages a subtle awareness through movement and breath.  A deeply grounding and relaxing experience.  Laura will be teaching a workshop on the 4th June (2 – 6 pm) at St Alban’s Church Hall, on Charles Street, East Oxford.  There are about 4 spaces left – so please contact her directly if you want to book a space:

Welcome Jessica!

We’re delighted to welcome Jessica Watson to the Healthy Oxford Practitioner Team!

AcupunctureJessica offers Acupuncture, Cupping & Moxibustion

Jessica is warm, calm and utterly professional and it is a pleasure to see her every week. Her acupuncture has not only been of real benefit to me but she is also pro-active in giving advice and helping me to explore other ways to complement my treatment. I really cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Sadhbh, London

Traditional Acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine well suited to modern times. The physical and emotional aspects of the human body are reflected in our health and subsequently treated as one. There are many examples of how injury, illness or emotional strain can impact of the vital energy or Qi of the body which can present as pain, fatigue, stress, insomnia or issues relating to a woman’s natural cycle.

Through Acupuncture Jessica aims to restore the body back to its natural equilibrium so that healing can take place.

Ayurvedic Winter Wisdom

Ayurvedic oil

“Winter is Kapha season.  It is a time of rest, of growth, of regeneration.  Kapha gets a bit of a bad rap in Western society because it’s perceived as the heavy, lazy dosha.  In India, where Ayurveda originated, it’s the most revered. 

I want to take some time to share the positives of Kapha. Made up of the earth and water elements, it is a little heavier than Pitta, and much weightier than Vata – and with that comes steadiness, groundedness, loyalty and trust.  

Kapha types are deeply connected to the heart. They have the greatest capacity for love and compassion, and will forgive more readily (not because of forgetfulness, like Vata!) but because of this compassion…… Read more…” – Laura Hancock

Gift Vouchers are now available!

Gift voucher - XMasTreat your loved ones with a delicious massage or supportive therapy this Christmas.

Gift vouchers can now be bought directly with our practitioners.

After you’ve browsed the treatments on offer and decided what you would like, please call the practitioner direct. Gift vouchers can be sent out accordingly.

Wishing you all a very Merry Relaxation!

Who was Dieter Dorn?

Dieter DornThe Dorn Method humbly originates from a small Bavarian town, where it was crafted by sawmill owner Dieter Dorn (1938-2011). Seeking escape from his own sciatic pain, the result of a lifting injury, Dorn found great relief in the simple techniques of a local farmer. Utilising and perfecting the techniques taught by this talented healer, Dorn then found his first patient in his wife who had suffered severe debilitating headaches for several years. After finally being freed from this constant pain, simply through the realignment of her vertebrae, his wife became the Dorn Method’s most passionate proponent.

As he began to treat other patients – always free of charge – Dorn observed that the technique was addressing the meridian pathways along the spine, making his treatments cause healing ripples throughout the body as a whole. Dorn noted that problems often disappeared when misaligned vertebrae were corrected, due to the inherent connections between the spinal cord and inner organs.

After such amazing success, Dorn decided that it was time to teach others his method so that more and more people could be relieved of myriad painful conditions and imbalances.

Today, the Dorn Method is widely practiced and respected across its native Germany and many other countries.
For more information, please contact Brittany Snow or visit The Dorn Method.

The Moon Sequence Yoga – 29th August

August 29th Workshop 2Some little notes about the workshop from Laura
For those that are interested in attending this workshop – here are just a few of the things to remember..

1) Please don’t be put off or self-conscious if you don’t have a regular practice. The Moon Sequence is all about accepting ourselves…just as we are.
2) If you don’t have a mat – please tell me as I need to get hold of some if that’s the case
3) If you have any injuries or are pregnant please let me know beforehand so we can discuss appropriate modifications etc
4) Bring layers. It can get rather warm during the sequence, but will inevitably cool down as we move into relaxation.
5) Bring water and some snacks (such as fruit and nuts)
6) If you have any friends or loved ones that you think might be interested – don’t be shy in sharing! Would be great to see some new faces…

Where: St Alban’s Church Hall, Charles Street, Cowley
When: 2 – 6 pm, 29th August, 2015
Cost: £40 (concessions are available upon request…don’t be afraid to ask…I don’t want people being put off practising due to financial difficulty…)