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The deepest and lasting healing occurs when we experience our true nature.  True nature or essential essence is the ever-present undivided.  We lack nothing, and often we are looking outside ourselves for what we are seeking.  My work with individuals and groups provides a safe, practical, embodied and contemplative space in which to explore what matters.  We work with an orientation towards the body, with what is known and unknown as you meet the layers and stories of yourself with kindness and curiosity.  You are your own medicine, and I accompany you as change, challenge and suffering are explored, and as the deep peace of aware presence that is your constant companion is realised. My love of and deep relationship with the earth supports and informs all my work.  Life unfolds in cycles; as we pay attention to these within and around us we become more rooted and present in our sense of belonging.

Originally from the north of England Ally has been involved with the healing arts for over 20 years. She has a background as an artist, transpersonal psychotherapist, training and experience in shamanic practice and has worked with the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre in Oxford.  She has many years of meditation and retreat experience and is a practising Craniosacral Therapist.  She deeply loves being with others unfurling the mystery of being human, and becoming at ease with who we are.


” Ally is able to hold a connection with complete attention which feels very safe. She hears the unsaid as much as what is being openly expressed and she has the knack of sometimes dropping in a question that is disarmingly simple and honest; and the question calls out to be answered with complete honesty because it leads to the heart of what I am exploring.”- Paul.

“ I found working with Ally inspiring, comforting and she skilfully challenged me when this was needed. I was able to really think about my values and beliefs with her support and wisdom.  Then I could engage more deeply and risk letting go off old unnecessary patterns. Ally was open, honest, vulnerable and totally non-judgemental.  Her way of working and calm nature encouraged my own insights so that I didn’t just follow another set of beliefs.” – Nancy.

“I have found Ally inspiring to work with. She has a way of carrying the outside within her which invites you to listen and wake up from the everyday. I have learnt a lot about presence from her. I have enjoyed exchanging ideas about how to helpfully be with people coping with cancer. She brings a spring-like energy and enthusiasm, a glowing summer’s warmth, an autumnal clarity and depth, and a winter’s freshness. If you want to connect with some-one who will broaden your view of your place in this world you should meet Ally.” – Helen.

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

Craniosacral Therapy Association, (CSTA)


B.A. Hons. Fine Art (Oxford Brookes University)
M.A. Critical Theory (University of Reading)
M.A. Core-Process Psychotherapy (Karuna Institute, Devon)
Shamanic Practitioner Training, 3 years, Northern Drum Shamanic Centre, UK.
Diploma Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Resonance Trainings

Transpersonal Psychotherapy      Embodied Mindfulness      Spiritual Accompaniment    Craniosacral Therapy   Healing Journeys for Women

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