Sophia Lathan

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About Sophia
Sophia brings 20 years experience as a holistic practitioner, a deep sensitivity, and a gentle nurturing touch to her practice. Her interest in natural healing, and the body’s ability to heal itself began in her early twenties when she started practicing yoga and meditation. This heightened interest in the body, mind, spirit connection soon led her on to train in Traditional Thai Massage, Reiki (to Master level) and Reflexology. After 18 years, having worked with people at the end of their life in a hospice, corporate environments, gyms and privately, Sophia trained in Facial Reflexology and Advanced Natural Facelift Massage.  She currently works at Healthy Oxford, Bamford Haybarn Spa, and in East Sheen.

Sophia is absolutely passionate about the natural environment, and our relationship with it. Believing that it is essential for our health and wellbeing to spend time in nature, she also runs events and retreats designed to help people slow down, reconnecting to nature and self.

Association of Reflexologists (MAR)

Traditional Thai Massage (Institute of Thai Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Master degree in Usui System of Natural Healing (Satya Reiki Communion, Pune, India)
Practitioner Course in Reflexology (Westminster College of Adult Education, London)
Reflexology in Cancer Care (Penny Brohn UK, Bristol)
Facial Reflexology (London School of Reflexology, London
Advanced Facelift Massage (London School of Reflexology, London)
Wilderness Survival Year Course (Trackways, East Sussex)
Work That Reconnects with Joanna Macy (Findhorn)
Walking Leader Course (Devon County Council)

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