Dorn Method

The Dorn Method is a very gentle and effective treatment designed to correct misalignment of the spinal column and also of the joints. Uneven leg lengths are the first signs of misalignment – these signify a twisted pelvis and displacement of the sacrum, which can cause any number of potentially unpleasant or painful effects elsewhere in the body, even in seemingly unrelated areas. Once a specific misalignment occurs, normal daily activities can further exacerbate the imbalance, provoking further pain and discomfort, and sparking off a vicious circle.

The Dorn Method tackles the very roots of a problem by looking for the signs of misalignment and imbalance and correcting them one by one. The legs, knees and ankles are checked and worked on first, followed by the pelvis, and then the lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebrae. The jaw, shoulders, wrists and fingers are also treated. Misaligned joints are corrected through gentle movement alone, and once they have been realigned, pain and discomfort will be able to disappear. This is truly a whole body therapy with wide-ranging effects.
The Dorn treatment can also be combined with a gentle spine-stretching and spine-relaxing Breuss massage.

What do people come to The Dorn Method for?
People come to Dorn Therapy primarily looking for relief from chronic pain in the back, joints, head, neck and other areas of the body. With Dorn, they can experience not only that relief, but can also find that many other health problems, as wide-ranging as migraines, scoliosis, depression, weak immune system, and tinnitus are improved. The effects of Dorn therapy are deep and wide-ranging and touch the body and mind as a whole.

“My long-standing back pain and sciatica were greatly diminished after just one incredible
Dorn treatment. What an amazing relief. With each
subsequent treatment things just got better and better, and now I have no pain!” Candice.

“The Dorn Method has changed my life – I don’t know what I would have done without it. The self-help exercises are also brilliant – they can be used anywhere and have an almost immediate effect.” Maria.

Contact: Brittany Snow – 07758 156678