Healing Journeys for Women

“We have a beautiful mother
Her green lap immense
Her brown embrace eternal”
~ Alice Walker

This body of work constellates around healing in relationships and reconnecting to the Divine Feminine aspect of our self. This work happens both inside and out on the land. Through this process we come to heal our sense of separation and disconnection in life. We reconnect to Source, and live more fully in alignment with who we really are and with what matters most to us. We may feel disconnected or out of kilter for a whole range of reasons, some of which may be clear to us and some may not.

Women’s Ways recognize that we are part of the rest of nature and assists us in becoming more grounded and discerning, reclaiming our power, healing the past, and being more present and balanced in relationships. Reconnecting to the Divine Feminine and living in harmony with Divine Masculine realigns and grounds us.
We can then experience a greater sense of belonging, vitality and appreciation in life, and our essential bond to our original mother, the earth, is nourished and strengthened. This body of work takes place over a cycle of 6 – 8 sessions. Together we will co-create the content of the sessions. Alongside a safe respectful listening space, elements of the sessions may include; meditations, creativity, creating simple ceremony, walks of awareness and releasing energies that limit or block us in some way. This work can happen one to one, or it can take place in small groups.

Contact: Ally Stott – 07968 691 870