Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is a holistic form of treatment that is tailored to the individual, taking into account bioindividuality and personal wellness goals. Wholefoods, supplements and lifestyle adjustments are used to promote lifelong optimal health and vitality, with emphasis on quality, inclusion and enjoyment. Nutritional therapy is often used alongside other treatments, both complementary and conventional, to optimise outcomes.

A nutritional therapist acts as a ‘health detective’, taking a detailed case during the first consultation, which covers family medical history, personal medical history, current diet and lifestyle and symptom patterns. Laboratory tests are also recommended and are very helpful in building a complete picture of the client’s health in order to identify the underlying drivers of any symptoms.

Nutritional Therapy plans are sent by email within 24 hours of the consultation and support is available between sessions by email and telephone. Treatment plans are adjusted over several follow up consultations, according the nature of the case and the client’s preference and progress. The number of consultations required varies but 3 sessions over 3 months are usually recommended initially.


£170 for an initial and 2 follow up consultations
£55 for individually booked follow ups
£45 ea for 3 follow-ups or for rebooking at the time of consultation