Quantum Touch

Quantum touch is a powerful method of energy healing. Quantum touch healers have the ability to amplify life force energy, which in turn facilitates the body’s own healing process.The results can be quite extraordinary.
A field of life force energy is created during a treatment – this has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation, stress and disease. Quantum touch is an effective method for realigning body structure, healing injuries, quenching chronic body-wide inflammation, awakening the body at a cellular level and much more.
It accesses and works on the root causes of disease, which enables true healing to take place. Provided with the right conditions, the body can heal itself, and quantum touch can help to facilitate this profound healing process.

“The powerful energy generated and harnessed during my sessions of Quantum Touch healing with Brittany is beyond words. With such a brilliant, committed and compassionate therapist, Quantum Touch can work on so many levels simultaneously, spanning from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual, rooting out even the deepest issues and healing them too.” – Victoria.

“I have had two sessions of Quantum Touch with Brittany and can honestly say that it is the most powerful healing I have ever experienced. I felt big shifts happening in my body straight away and experienced some amazing visions connecting me to a higher state of consciousness. I look forward to seeing the changes that subsequent sessions will bring” – Silvie Hylton-Potts

Contact: Brittany Snow – 07758 156678