Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing 

A shamanic healing ceremony can be requested if you wish to receive spiritual insight into an experience of soul loss or disempowerment; difficulty or discomfort in everyday life; depression or experience of illness or loss.  Jules works with careful attention to create a relaxed working environment in which spiritual insight can arise and then discuss and agree which healing ceremony or ceremonies would support you to access the energetic shift necessary for transformation.

Shamanic Tuition

Shamanic tuition can be requested if you want to learn how to use shamanic techniques to creatively problem solve or seek vision or artistic inspiration in your own life.   We are often unaware that we can learn to experience spiritual revelation ourselves – a deeply moving and empowering gift which connects you to your own spiritual vision and authority – enabling you to envision, create and utilise your own shamanic gifts.

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Shamanic journeying: an introductory series of lessons in shamanic journeying with an experienced practitioner.

Animal Spirit Ally: Related to shamanic journeying: meet with and discover your animal spirit ally and learn how to find and connect others with their own animal spirit allies.

Medicine Bag: discover your innate gifts, strengths and skills and begin to create your own medicine bag.

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