Spiritual Accompaniment

For as long as we have asked the question, Who am I? we have sought the company of  companions to walk alongside us as we question, doubt, unfurl and explore this mystery of being human.  Adyashanti puts it well when he says,

Because of an innocent misunderstanding you think that you are a human being in the relative world seeking the experience of oneness, but actually you are the One expressing itself as the experience of being a human being.   

If we are hearing the questioning of our heart, feeling perplexed or getting curious about the embodied mystery that we are, then we have already had a taste of what is seeking us.  Jalaluddin Rumi knew that, the longing you feel is the return message.

So how does Grace, God, the Eternal speak with you, dance with you in your life?  And importantly, how do you respond?

It may be that you’ve begun getting curious about this life and your true-nature fairly recently; great, welcome.  Or it may be that you’ve had a path of meditation or prayer for some time and you can see that this is changing, and that your relationship with the Divine is changing, and you feel all at sea, or lost in the woods.

The invitation is always to turn within and to meet the intimacy that is calling you home, to directly experience how Grace is present in this moment.  And this includes the feelings of disconnection and separation as well as the presence of belonging, ease, unknowing and happiness.

What has come to be called ‘spirituality’ isn’t something other than this very life.  The nitty, gritty of daily life, relationships, earning our livelihood, creativity, walking on the moors, prayers in chapel, deep silence in meditation halls, cooking in the kitchen, lying on our sick-bed, alone or with others.  And just as the ways in which Grace expresses Herself through us as us are infinite, so are the ways in which we can explore this relationship with ourself, with Him.

The space I offer is one of spacious containment.  A safe, confidential place to listen, to be unknowing and explore the unfolding language of your heart, rooted in your embodiment.  Some of the forms of this exploration may be meditation, prayer, inquiry, being in nature, exploring silence and service.

My engagement in this work has grown organically over 25 years, and my commitment to the intimacy calling me home is central to my life.  I was raised a Roman Catholic, and whilst I don’t locate myself in this tradition today, I appreciate having been opened to acts of devotion, prayer and the Divine Feminine in the form of Mary at an early age. I have a background as a transpersonal psychotherapist and learnt much of my meditation practise in the Buddhist tradition.  Over the last 20 years have I have frequently dwelt in silent, solitary retreats as well as participating in group retreats.  Earth-based spirituality and Vision Quests also provide much inspiration and guidance, as does text study and engaging in contemplative conversations.  Alongside 1-1 spiritual accompaniment meetings I offer meditation retreats and co-correlate 7 week Discovering Unity courses in Oxford.

Contact: Ally Stott – 07968 691 870