Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Transpersonal Psychotherapy – a whole earth approach

Many years ago on Dartmoor whilst training to work as a psychotherapist, I experienced myself being listened to by the Moor, by the Earth.  Hour after hour as I tramped the Moors with knots in my stomach and a tear-strewn face, in contact with the felt experience of the suffering, grief and despair that were unconsciously held in my body, I was shocked to realise that right there amongst the ancient granite rock forms, Chrystal ice-cold streams and wind-sculpted hawthorns, I was not alone.  Not only was I not alone, I was in relationship with everything around me and everything around me was in some way responding to my presence!  This wasn’t the experience of ‘me’ and ‘other things’ relating to each other, this was a recognition of the singular boundless, animating, life-force presence in limitless manifestation recognising Herself over and over.  What joy!  Right there and then I knew belonging, I knew home.

PsychotherapyDisarmed, excited, perplexed, in awe, this moment of recognition has over the years become integrated and embodied to become the fulcrum for the healing work that was to come.  And so it is within the safety, containment and spaciousness of this non-dual therapeutic relationship that we soulfully explore, without judgement or agenda what matters to you.  What we call suffering appears in many forms and has multiple textures; we may call it grief and loss, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, ecoside, relationship challenges, serious illness, dislocation.  By turning towards the felt-sense of our embodied experience in the moment in all its shades of ease and discomfort, what initially felt limited, alone and unbearable becomes a portal to a greater intimacy with ourself, our true-nature and the whole circle of life.

We are not a problem to be solved.  We are embodied mystery seeking to know her or his self as the unique expressions that we are.  As we cease trying to run away from, override, suppress, or analyse, what we call suffering, stress or trauma, our whole body, nervous- system and heart can start to relax and re-orient to the inherent health and wisdom of Being that is always present and often concealed.

‘Suffering is the feeling of being separate or limited.’  Marlies Cocheret

There is actually very little we need to do.  It is often our relentless doing that ties us up in knots of separation and confusion about who we are. We already are what we are looking for.  This process could be described as one of remembrance.  As we remain open and unknowing and gently explore the layers of conditioning and experience as it appears in our embodiment, the ‘suffering’ is naturally liberated as it is met by the aware presence that is our real identity.  The natural light and transparency that is our true nature finds ever more expression in all of our life. Our capacity to meet the joys and challenges of life expands, we become more of who we already are and find our true expression.

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist initially training at the Karuna Institute, Devon.  I have since explored Ecopsychology and studied and trained in shamanic practice with Northern Drum in Somerset.  Therapeutic work can take place inside or out with the land.

Contact: Ally Stott – 07968 691 870